Monday, May 31, 2010

successes & failures

This long weekend we've been super productive, and also super lazy, which sounds crazy but it happened!
And I'm trying to remember that right now, as I'm feeling rather sorry for myself because my latest attempt at sewing something ended up a miserable failure. Apparently, I'm terrible at cutting fabric to the right size...oops. :(
Well, no more feeling sorry for myself, because I've got lots of other great things to talk about.
Such as:
- Finally unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and decorating up my little craft room
-Almost finishing (minus the assembly) another pretty crocheted garland
-Hemming another set of curtains and hanging them up in our kitchen (Brad helped me with this!)
-Getting around to taking proper pictures of my pretty doilies and posting them in my shop.
-Picking up some adorable and cheap (only $3!) paper flowers from Target for hanging up in my craft room
-Drinking some yummy margaritas and stopping at our favorite ice cream place for a mint chocolate chip (my favorite!) cone
-Spending lots of quality time with Brad and kitty Brandon :)

Hmmm, I'd say it's been a successful weekend. I guess one failed project doesn't seem so bad when I compare it to my list of accomplishments!

craft room in progress....


  1. cute room lindsey! sounds like you were very productive this weekend! i need to put up some curtains in our kitchen and bathroom -- have any suggestions of where to find some cheap ones. i've been browsing thrift stores, but no luck yet.

  2. we got ours at ikea...they have some pretty cheap ones ($14.99) and they are HUGE! i cut off almost half the length- so you could re-use extra the fabric. otherwise, i've also gone to the fabric store and just bought fabric and made curtains. it's a cheap and mostly easy solution!