Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding weekend

This weekend my best friend joins the married club! I personally think it's a pretty cool club so far ;)
I just have to make it through today and tomorrow at work and then I get to head home to Michigan for 4 glorious days in my hometown to spend time with my family and all of my best friends wheee!
And I get to wear this beautiful dress:
It's been sitting in my closet for half a year, just looking gorgeous and begging me to wear it, but since I knew I was going to wear it in the wedding I've waited. But now I get to put it on and wear my boots with it! Yay for fall weddings and love and for two totally awesome people getting married!

such an old pic of the two of us -look how little we are!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling for fall

Although it's actually about 90 degrees in Chicago today (summer's last hurrah I bet!), I've been thinking about all the fun things that come with fall. We've had some cooler weather lately, and I'm already pretty excited for fall activities. I get to be in a fall wedding next week (we get to wear boots with our dresses yessssss!), get to go through a corn maze, pick apples, pumpkins! Eee!
And the thought of cooler weather definitely makes me want to burrow down in our apartment and just craft away. I even started knitting myself a scarf in this beautiful pumpkin orange yarn - I can hardly wait to wear it!

A few weeks ago I made this wreath for my best friend:

I've seen them all over Etsy and thought that it looked simple enough for me to give it a go. And it turned out great! Now I need to make one for our apartment. I'm thinking they would make some really great Christmas presents as well (yes, I've already begun to think of the holiday season ;)

Last week I started and finished my first ever crocheted pillow case. I also finished another but the weather was too gloomy over the weekend to take a decent photo. I'm excited with how they both turned out and have lots of ideas for others!

Now I'm off to enjoy the last of summer's warmth! ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

long time no blog

Oh I've neglected this poor blog. Well, I'm back, rested up, and ready to start doing this thing again!
Here's what you've missed in the past few months:

-I got married!

-I went on a wonderful honeymoon to northern California with my lovely husband!
-I returned back to Chicago where it was HOT HOT HOT for the last 2 months!

-I attended some really great concerts : Arcade Fire, Rogue Wave, and Hanson (yes, I'm not afraid to admit I love them!!)

-I finally took up cooking, and have actually really started to like it!

And now things have drifted back to normal, domestic bliss. The weather is starting to cool down, and I can feel fall just a few weeks away. I've been very busy with my crafting lately, finishing up a throw blanket, 2 hats, and a special gift for my best friend (which I can't reveal yet in case she sees this).
I also have a few new projects in the works and many more on my mind after my trip to the craft store last weekend.

(throw blanket - completed after weeks of work!)

(a work in progress - granny squares to be sewn together to form a pillowcase)

(new hat just posted in my shop)