Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turtles and doilies

Last week's project was actually a little modification of the oh-so-pretty turtle dress I bought from my favorite store Anthropologie last week. I plan to wear it at our wedding shower on Saturday.
The sleeves were a little too big so I took them in a few inches and now it fits perfectly! The weather is supposed to be pretty warm this weekend, too - so excited! Now I just need some cute shoes to wear with it...hmm.

I also crocheted some doilies kind of like this:
for a little something I am working on.

Now I think I will go sit outside during my lunch break and enjoy the first day of sunshine we've had all week! :)

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  1. ooo you can crochet doilies? now that is something i would love to learn how to do! i love doilies. can't wait to see what you're working on!

    have SO much fun at your wedding shower this weekend! joel and i are sad we won't be able to make it. i bet you'll look stunning in your pretty new dress!

  2. hi! had to stop on by from the comment you left on meg's blog.

    "i only buy clothes on sale at anthropologie"


    hee hee

    ps. love your crochet doilies! i am addicted to doilies but have never tried to crochet one.. is it hard?

  3. thanks! they are very easy to make! i found a pattern in a book and followed that.