Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 7

Last week was rough...I was forced to do a lot of unraveling. Apparently making a scarf with ruffles requires much more yarn than I thought, and no matter how I changed the pattern or swapped out the yarn or hook, I was always left with not enough yarn to finish.
So I unraveled a total of 3 scarves last week....leaving me with one finished scarf. But now, looking back on the finished product, I'm considering taking it apart, too.

See, I was hoping it would turn out like this:

Or maybe this:

But it falls a little flat and turned out like this:
So I think it's back to the drawing board on this one. I'll wait a week or so and let my frustration fade away before having another go at it.
I'll be working extra hard this week to make up for last week's lack of a lasting product. Project # 1 already completed!

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