Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grannys :)

So last week I made one of my favorite things to crochet....granny squares!
I love putting together the colors and creating each piece at a time....details details.
Plus, they are just so darn cute and happy!
So I made a bunch and strung them together to make another bunting. Once I am able to take some better (non-shadowy pics) I will be able to add it to my etsy shop. So excited to be moving to a new apartment that isn't partway underground! I will actually have light for taking pictures!


  1. that is SO cute lindsey!! i'd love to learn to make granny squares. got your invite for the shower today -- yay!! gotta check the date with joel but hoping we'll be able to make it! miss you!

  2. ooh i hope you guys can make it!!!