Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 14

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I think this will be my mantra for the next few months. It turns out that wedding planning, moving, and the coming of summer is making us insanely busy! Ha! Who would have thought, right?
Anyways, I shouldn't complain, because while last week was crazy crazy busy, it was still incredibly wonderful! We were able to reunite with some great friends and family, two of whom we hadn't seen in over a YEAR! And even better, they might be moving to Chicago! I was also able to spend a few days with my best friend, which is always wonderful!

I somehow managed to squeeze in a few hours of crafting time (in between all this friend time and helping to paint 6 (!) rooms in our new apartment) and complete a banner/bunting to be added to my poor, neglected shop. This weekend I will finally have time to take some pictures and get some things listed, phew!

I am so looking forward to staying home and doing as little as possible this weekend. Catching up on sleep, crafts, movie watching, and maybe a little bit of packing in there somewhere.


  1. wow, you have been one busy girl! i don't know how you managed to squeeze crafting into that crazy schedule. do those great friends you refer to happen to be Craig & Megan?? i think Joel had mentioned that they may move there.. that would be so awesome!

  2. yes! they are supposed to move in june i think!
    i hope they do! then it would be even more fun when you and joel come visit :)