Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year, New Goals!

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In honor of the new year, I made a few new goals for myself. Among the standard things like losing weight, excercising more, saving money, and learning to cook, I've decided to make it a goal to make something new EVERY week (and hopefully blog about it). Whether I crochet, knit, sew, or make jewelry, I just need to make at least one new thing a week.

I know that this will be a fun goal, and is something that is very important to me, as I love to create and make! It seems pretty easy to me now, but I know that once I am in full wedding planning/preparation mode later this year I will definitely have a hard time with this!

So to start off the year, last week I finished up a pair of mittens for my Etsy shop.

I'm excited to see what kinds of things I'll be making this next year, and have lots of ideas and inspiration to get me started!
I hope this will allow me to remember that even though I'm feeling stuck and frustrated in my dead end job, I can still feel happiness and appreciate the beauty of each day through doing what I love to do in creating new things!

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  1. lindsey, that is so awesome!! you have been SUPER productive! i should try that out for myself. i wish i would have known about your blog earlier! can we please live closer?