Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2

So far so good...I made it through week 2 and successfully made another item!

I found this great vintage hats pattern with 30 different patterns, from the 1970's I believe. I chose a pattern that looked cute and added my own modern and personal touches, such as the flower and red stripe. It turned out very cute and can now be found in my Etsy shop!

On top of making this hat (which I finished early in the week), I also made 2 pairs of earrings for myself! Pictures to come soon for those as well.
Next up: Tackling a few projects I've been working on for a while. Maybe I'll start something new as well!

On another note, one of the blogs I read daily has been posting stories on Making Space for Crafting lately, and it has me drooling over the beautiful spaces people have created. I absolutely cannot wait to move to another apartment, where I will NEED my own space for all of my crafting supplies!

These rooms are particularly inspiring:

Ahh....someday I will have something like this!

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