Monday, March 23, 2009

To Do List...

As a result of constantly searching the internet for inspiration and ideas for new things to create, I have pictures and patterns saved in various places on my computer. I'll often come up with ideas for the next thing I want to make while I am still working on my current project, and by the time I'm ready for a new project, I have forgotten the ideas that seemed so brilliant and urgent at the time. In an effort to not let this happen anymore, I want to start posting my ideas and to do's here so I can refer back to one place rather than having to search through all of my bookmarked Internet sites and folders filled with pictures every time I'm ready to start something new.

Here are some stitches/motifs that I need to learn and incorporate into future projects:

Catherine Wheel Stitch

These pretty flowers

Hexagons! I've made plenty of squares and circles, but never hexagons.

Flower circles




There are so many many more but these are the ones that most interest me right now.

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